Vehicle Keys

After the car industry started to take over the car key business again completely in the mid-nineties, it became more difficult for a key specialist to continue to produce keys for newer vehicles. With the help of the key manufacturers, it was then possible to bring the first copying machines onto the market, which were at least partially capable of reproducing car keys with integrated transponders (artificial word consisting of transistor and responder). Thanks to good machines from the key manufacturers, it was also possible to reproduce lane keys (two-lane and four-lane keys) and also Tibbe keys on simple machines or even on computer-controlled machines. With the help of transponder copying machines, the first fixed-code transponders could also be copied. Due to increasing vehicle theft and pressure from insurance companies, the manufacturers’ immobiliser systems became more and more complicated. Cryptotransponders and changeable code transponders were added. Mercedes added the drive authorization systems FBS 2, then 2a and later 3 and 4, which still cannot be copied exactly. The whole development led to the fact that the manufacturers proclaimed via the dealers that today’s car keys can only be obtained from the manufacturer. And because almost every car manufacturer generated his own anti-theft system, it became more and more difficult for the key specialist to have all the different copying machines on hand so that only a few keys could be copied at a time. The situation was made more difficult by the fact that the copying machines were quickly outdated due to ever newer systems and were only of limited use for the new anti-theft systems. The car industry’s plan seemed to work and over the years, drivers came to realize that modern car keys could only be obtained from the manufacturer via the dealership.

But also the leading key manufacturers were not inactive. With a lot of ideas a lot of developments have been pushed forward until today and systems have been developed which again make it possible to copy almost all car keys. With a small selection of devices the car keys and the existing transponder system can be recognized. Computer controlled programs suggest which key blank and which transponder should be used. With the help of only a few “universal transponders” it is possible to copy almost every car key. This is also true for most “keyless” systems like Keyless Go keys and of course for car keys where the key still has to be milled. Here, however, not a simple copy is made, but on computer-controlled machines, a perfect car key, as perfect as the original.

In my key specialist shop in Rahden I cut keys of the latest generation for almost all vehicles. With different programming devices the transponders can be read and copied. A fully automatic machine, which works with the factory dimensions, then mills the necessary key bit, with which doors may have to be opened or the ignition operated. Our newest car programmer can easyly programm more than 95 percent of the available car keys. At the OBD point in the car we can programm a spare key or an aditional key for the car (OBD = On Board Diagnostic). And the highlight: If there is no more car key left and the car in in the “outback”, we can produce and programm a new key for the car in less an hour.

Please just inquire whether your vehicle key can also be duplicated at my premises.

For all “older” vehicles still without anti-theft system or for Oldtimers, most of the key blanks are in stock and can be copied without problems. We are also specialized in keys for all vehicles like motorcycles, mopeds, caravans, tractors, boats and airplanes. Even if the key is no longer available, we can create a functional key on the basis of the lock.