Safe openings

  • Lost or broken safe key?
  • Number combination forgotten or misplaced?
  • Electronic lock defective or failed?

Through training courses at the safe manufacturers or manufacturers of the various safe locks, I am well acquainted with a wide variety of safes. No matter whether a bricked-in wall safe, an anchored floor safe or a high-quality safe deposit box – all safes can be opened with the right method. As a safe service technician I was trained, among other things, to open the safes with the least possible damage. Many safes can be opened without damage, while others have to be drilled out with appropriate holes. As a rule, the safes can then be repaired and used again with little effort.

Safe Service

  • Changing the mechanical combination lock
  • Changing an electronic number combination
  • Conversion of older mechanical combination locks to modern electronic locks
  • Manufacturing of additional safe deposit keys
  • Consultation on new regulations

As a specialist shop for safe technology we have the most common safe key blanks (also many originals) in stock. With special machines, another key can then be produced, exactly adapted to the lock.
The range also includes complete safe locks with key, safe locks with electronics, various keyboards and various locks (bolt bolts, Swingbold or motor locks).

Safe sale

  • Small furniture safes in different security levels
  • Sturdy upright safes with different resistance classes
  • High-quality safes or data storage cabinets
  • Gun cabinets

In the further attachments you will find a small overview of opened safes, converted safes or weapon cabinets.