Expert reports

Preparation of evidence-based expert opinions for authorities and insurance companies

Lock openings - Professional opening of vehicles, buildings and safes of all kinds without destruction of material

Terms of reference

What does an expert of lock-systems do? To write an expertise for government agency and insurance companies one needs a comprehensive inside knowledge in the related domains.

Motorcycle keys

You need a motorcycle key as a replacement? You have lost your motorcycle key? The motorbike key is broken? No problem at all. We can help you in any case. We manufacture keys for almost all motorcycles, mopeds and scooters!

Vehicle Keys

I’m able to cut and copy keys for almost every vehicle, even modern cards and bikes with digital transponders.

Locked Out ?

You've locked yourself out?
Your key is broken ?
You have lost your key?
Your key has been stolen from you?
Your door lock is defective?
Your car has locked itself?
You need a new lock or cylinder after a break-in?

Safe Service

Safe key lost or broken ?
Number combination forgotten or incorrect ?
Electronic lock defective or failed?


To make forensic investigations and evidence proofed reports for the court of justice, continuing education in all areas is necessary. This is to watch the security standard, pursue the state of technology, visit courses in lock security, key security, opening techniques and exchange with other colleagues.