Motorcycle keys

  • You need a motorcycle key as a replacement?
  • You have lost your motorcycle key?
  • The motorbike key is broken?
  • No problem at all. We can help you in any case. We manufacture keys for almost all motorcycles, mopeds and scooters like:
    Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Garelli, Honda, Kawasaki, Malaguti, Puch, Suzuki, Yamaha and others.
  • There are several possibilities:
    • Key production according to sample (original or photo)
    • Key production by number (key number on the lock, number on the tag, number in the registration)
    • Key production based on the lock

If you want to produce according to sample (is sometimes necessary) send us a sample key. Please pack well and glue it if necessary, please use a padded envelope! Then we will produce the corresponding quantities as requested by you and send them back to you as soon as possible. A good photograph of the key is often sufficient. To do this, place the key on a surface that is as light as possible and photograph it from both sides as large as possible with a digital camera or smartphone. You save yourself the trouble of sending in the key, just send the pictures by mail or Whatsapp and you will receive the corresponding number of duplicate keys you need.

The procedure is similar for making keys by number. If you have a key number on a tag (metal plate with a number, also with letters in front of it), then it is quite simple. With the correct number, we can make custom-fit keys for your motorcycle. In rare cases, the key number is also noted in the car letter – registration certificate part II – for vehicles. Then the same applies. But please note: There is no key number in the vehicle registration document – registration certificate part I. The number 0102 or 0900 listed in the top left-hand corner is an encryption number from the KBA (Kraftfahrtbundesamt – Federal Motor Transport Authority) and only indicates that you are driving a car or a motorcycle.

Examples of numbers on motorcycle locks can be found here.

If there is no more sample available and no key number to be found, then in any case a production still goes to lock. When a key is made using the lock, it is guaranteed that the key will lock properly. But which lock must be sent in? On older motorcycles (up to 1984) there is usually a number on the lock itself, see also pictures, (sometimes hidden – please ask here). Until about 1984 (sometimes even until 1987) the key numbers are on top of the lock, e.g. on Yamaha motorcycles, hammered into the chrome cover. Later the numbers are found as stickers at the bottom or on the side of the locks. In most cases, if no number can be found, the ignition lock must be removed and sent to us. Why is the tank lock or the seat lock not sufficient? The keys lock everywhere. Simple explanation: Only the ignition lock contains the full number of tumblers. And only when all tumblers are there can an exactly fitting key be made, which then locks all locks of the vehicle. There is an exception for some scooters. In this case it is sufficient to send in any lock (preferably the one that can be removed most easily) to make a matching key.

It is similar with a broken key in the lock. If the broken part cannot be pulled out of the lock easily, or because it is too deep in the lock, then please send in the lock as well. We have special tools to remove broken-off key remains easily and quickly.

Of course we also manufacture keys with immobiliser for cars and motorcycles. Please inquire in individual cases!

How do we do it – and how does it work?

This is how the process works:

For example, you send us an ignition lock of a motorcycle. To do this, please pack a copy of the vehicle documents and include your address and other contact details. You will immediately receive a message telling you how to proceed and a binding promise of the costs for the key production. As a rule, the ignition lock will also not be disassembled or damaged in any other way. With the help of so-called octoscopes the ignition lock is “read out”. The tumblers are optically detected, the values are determined and noted. The actual production of a key then takes place on a computer-controlled milling machine, which then produces the key according to the original factory dimensions. So you do not receive a simple copy, but a key as good as the original. The minimum production of keys is 2 pieces. You will then receive an invoice by e-mail, fax or Whatsapp. After receipt of payment we will send the lock and keys back immediately. The whole thing usually goes within 1 to 3 working days.

About the costs: The production of 2 keys on the basis of the lock sent to us is about 79,-€ to 85,-€ including shipping costs (exceptions are keys with transponders for anti-theft systems). 2 keys by number are between 38,-€ and 40,-€.

Many satisfied customers can confirm this good service. Just give it a try! The contact details can be found in the imprint.

The hotline for very urgent matters is: 0172 – 522 6191.